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Sponsor of automobile of rich far-sighted Olympic Games -- the masses
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games, of the sports grand meeting that this one whole world fixes eyes upon hold, for this old city infuse brand-new vigor. Regard government of car of the 29th Olympic Games as the partner, ground of masses car high-spirited and vigorous put forward " seize gold " catchword, swift and violent attitude is inferior at good athlete of any an Olympic Games, pleasant compares Boerte, Feierpusi.

Depend on the successful collaboration history that having more than 20 to carry with China and experience, substantial product line reachs reliable service, having a lot of China Fans, masses car became Beijing in June 2004 2008 partner of car of Olympic Games government,

Group of automobile of masses of it is reported (China) with Shanghai masses, one steam - the masses comprises the torch relay motorcade that participates in by 959 new cars jointly. Escort the Emperor for what torch relay offers whole course convoy. Passed 113 towns of domestic and area, several with 100 million plan compatriots was masses brand to make best testimony. This is to spend money the result that the advertisement that goes doing other can not get.

During the Olympic Games masses automobile group (China) carry Shanghai masses, one steam - northerly Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee offers the public government of 5000 Olympic Gameses uses a car, the model that includes among them has Ao Di, stride vacate, install to get drive, road, fast vacate, Ming Rui. In the meantime, the masses still builds house of theme of masses car Olympic, and activity of assistance Olympic Games, give priority to a problem to wait for many sided to develop sale activity in culture, artistic, sports, environmental protection, education with the Olympic Games ceaselessly, went up for besmear of sale of masses Beijing Olympic Games the brushstroke of dense. The capital that amid invests does not fall 2 billion, it may be said is bend affection aids force Beijing Olympic Games!

Can Olympic Games sale bring how old influence to car look forward to after all? Market sale expert gave out specific figure: In the sale activity that has usually, invest 100 million dollar, the trademark is well-known degree can rise 1% ; And to Olympic Games sale, can rise 3% , sale of visible Olympic Games is having average sale the return rate of 3 times. After announcing to sponsor the Olympic Games as expected, the sale outstanding achievement of masses car begins to walk out of trough from 2006, the car is sold in China when car masses 710 thousand, grow 24.3% compared to the same period. And ambitious masses is the sale this year eye demarcate is 1 million more. Look Olympic Games advocate the might of the sponsor as expected deserve the reputations one enjoys. Olympic Games sale is far more than at the accrual before, should be more long-term company image and brand image model and affect.

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