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Little it is beautiful namely, hold <> concurrently talk about own brand product
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All models of company of car of home of very rare where suffer consumer to welcome, perhaps BMW is an exception, but average firm is to cannot be mixed only essence of life is mixed at function drive the BMW of feeling places on a par, if do not have German excelsior to mechanical and inherent passion and in one's heart enthusiasm, BMW also acquires the market position nowadays hard. Below the shadow of global economic depression, BMW still obtained the outstanding achievement specification that a few grows of late, the brand force of BMW, can have made the adverse effect that whole company casts off economic big environment as far as possible, and continue to win faithful customer love.


"Little it is beautiful " , such credo applies to a car to design a domain not only, in sale level also be such, very rare Motor Corporation has so broad product line so like Feng Tian, still can gain so good service advantage. Nevertheless Feng Tian is in order to be without a rival " Tps seed profit produces kind " those who be backing, whole form a complete set combines downstream process on an organic whole, can make sure Feng Tian is produced with the smallest cost as far as possible the product of much breed, with contented and different market and demand of increasingly sophisticated consumer. Announce this producer type to rise from Feng Tian, other firm learned N hard year, also be fur merely just, because other country has Feng Tian far from,be such high quality, tall responsibility and tall innovation, and fill cordial first-class staff rank from beginning to end.

Such problem is being had a few in be the manufacturer of the car that cross a state to on hundred years history, should not be a problem, because of situation of much brand and much product, it is to be in all previous classics is old in cross a country to buy and developing ceaselessly with the market, form in succession. The posture of aggravate of competition of global car market falls now, need to do subtraction only just, and managing the work force that goes up with sale by right of them, naturally also method dissolves these contradiction. 3 big Motor Corporation of American in recent years as a result of to cast off deficit, accelerated a brand to sell reduce strength with product line, it is a clear proof. But for own to China brand, this is a big question, because early days does not have very good brand and product program, at present the phenomenon with mutual jackknife, low efficiency is not giant product line without precedent, strange luck and auspicious it is typical, just what both issue performance comes out is different just.

The problem of strange luck depends on product line interior conflict is serious, in the miniature car that belongs to A00 level in cent merely, strange luck has Qq3, Qq6, A1 at present 3 models, the platoon is measured from 0.8-1.3l, interval of directive retail prices centers 10 thousand yuan at 2.98-5.98. Be in allegedly originally the Qq5 that appears on the market before the bottom this year, may by remit to next year appear on the market first, this will be first two door small cars of domestic, the platoon that in advance may come out measures 1.3l product, the price is controlled 10 thousand yuan in 4-6 roughly. And the strange luck that Beijing car exhibits sensation this year " 5 child " product, also come out the message says to will appear on the market in next year metaphase, although do not know a few which in 5 products to specific meeting appears on the market, but this meeting makes strange luck is before next year bottom, have 5 products familial, 3-4 platoon quantity, may amount to 3, 40 type product, the 3-6 that is squeezed in stricture jointly in markets of 10 thousand yuan of A00 small car between. So much product, do not say to be able to give the fittings with strange whole luck to supply first, production is made, content shedding is carried and after service brings how many complexity, sheet is how the area lies between a product to locate, draw the attention of different consumption group, it is the big question on a sale. The 5-10 in higher level in 10 thousand yuan of interval, also because of A3 appear on the market, put in the problem of space of mutual competition and ego contention market.
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