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International oil price goes low, proper,impose fuel tax meantime
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Advanced purpose 1994, passed 1997 " highway law " make clear first with " fuel surtax " replace maintain a road to expend, when cost changed tax 1998, change say " fuel tax " . Fuel tax had taken 15 year up to now.

Recently 10 years, the country concerns chief and expert to concern the speech that fuel tax collects about the branch, can bring not little resounding effect every time. The advantage that implements fuel tax is clearer and clearer, the opinion of experts also incline to is consistent. Although this duty is expended to the car advocate people will tell and not likely can reduce use cost, but after fuel tax applies, drive how many car, burn how many oil, reflected way fair

Make the same score a principle. Of course, the profit that implements fuel tax is distant more than these. Traffic issue, the sources of energy and environmental problem had become the main problem that restricts progress of our country economy. Implement fuel tax, it is to alleviate the significant step of these a few bottleneck, interest of state of benefit of it may be said civilian.

Nevertheless, about " choose machine leaves impose fuel tax " the language appropriate to occasion that the view had become certain branch to deal with media. Annual choose machine is collected, do not collect every year.

Why does fuel tax want choose machine to collect? Summary rises crucial reason nothing more than two. It is to concern the interest between the branch to coordinate an issue. Impose fuel tax, have to cancel to raise travelling expenses. Door of the Ministry of Communication can lose one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two interests, return know exactly about sth 100 thousand collect fees the come off sentry duty of personnel finds a place for problem. This is an in-house element. 2 it is oil price house does not fall high. International oil price rises all the time after 1998 fluctuant. Shang Xiceng of Liu of assistant director of institute of science of finance of Ministry of finance says, "Should when when international oil price is relatively stable " just can roll out. This is an exterior element.

In-house element can control, exterior element is not affirmatory. Nevertheless, how does ability consider international oil price tall? How is ability called relatively smooth? This is the issue with two specific need.

2003, stability of international oil price is in 25 dollars a pail, 2006, international oil price reached 75 dollars / bucket. Jin Dongsheng of assistant director of institute of scientific research of taxation of total bureau of national tax Wu expresses when March 5, 2007, oil price is not too tall, management of Wu of not quite nervous, duty prepares income of the finance central sufficient, society can be accepted wait for a condition, "Before 3 opportunities had matured now! " , and on March 1, 2007, international oil price is 62 dollars / bucket. From the point of now, 62 dollars are not high really. In July 2008, price of international market crude is highest and adjacent 150 dollars. In June 2008 portion, hair change appoint raise domestic oil to taste again wholesale with retail prices. Of oil price rise make fuel tax is faced with again " choose machine is collected " .
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