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How does power annals replace Xiali to become Tianjin one steam new pillar?
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For quite a long time, can saying is Xiali is propped up removed Tianjin one steam, the honour or disgrace of Xiali is promoted decline, matter to Tianjin directly the rise and fall of one steam, fortunately Xiali also grows a face really, tens of year consistent day, up-to-date still carrying state of vigorous sell like hot cakes, this to Tianjin tremendous good news is undoubtedly for one steam, the length of a car is filled do not decline, be an enterprise necessarily rear is arduous and cultivated. The success of Xiali, those who representing this market demand is exuberant, also representing Tianjin the ability of one steam.

And power annals, it is the model that one steam develops Tianjin independently, be known as the successor that is Xiali, representing the actual strength of this car look forward to. From the model

Look, in 60 thousand yuan of interval, the competition ability of power annals really stronger, no matter be appearance design, interior trim is assembled, craft quality or sexual price are compared, reached the higher level of A0 class model. With Xiali, at that time in be the same as level market, belong to banner model, if Xiali can be long,fill do not decline, so the test that power annals also can undergo the market likewise.

The product line of one steam decides Tianjin power annals will become main force

At present Tianjin in the product line of one steam, included Xiali N3, power appearance, power Le Hewei annals 4 cars, among them capable to instigate of crossbeam is Xiali N3 and power annals two models, because the sales volume of Xiali N3 is the largest, power annals is newest have sale latent capacity most; And power happy sale compares apt to have the multitude such as abroad setting, teacher, officeholder, market performance is compared all the time smooth, as to power appearance, more female of apt city white-collar, user group is narrower. So to Tianjin for one steam, xiali and power annals is model of its brunt sale, and the product age in view of Xiali, the power keep in mind that has latent capacity most so will replace Xiali to become Tianjin gradually the new pillar of one steam.

Be in Tianjin in all products of one steam, the competition ability of power annals is undoubted the strongest, also can develop market dominant position adequately in market competition, do not see power mark value inferior, configuration but many, the Mp3 interface that includes nowadays popularity also has deploy, add configuration of other and comfortable sex, can satisfy the basic requirement of young consumption group and family expenses car adequately, to the first time for the young consumption group that buys a car and family very recipient also.

If why power annals shows itself in the market?

If want to replace Xiali, become Tianjin the new pillar of one steam, power annals must more strong, although come round to say from eye, power annals has been advocate make a model. Above all, it is tangible product fixed position, seeing from inside the advertisement of power annals its consume a group not hard is to be aimed at a youth above all, it is young household is mixed next the first time the family that buys a car, lay particular stress on is young change fixed position, the advantage of this kind of fixed position depends on can more the look that attracts new new customer, conduce to sales volume promotion. It is to strengthen product conduct propaganda next, nowadays is wine sweet also be afraid of alley child difficult period, power annals is a substantial good car, but strength of market conduct propaganda is insufficient still, this restricted the play of power annals competition ability undoubtedly, if can be thrown further on conduct propaganda, so the sale posture of power annals will better.
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