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Under 110 thousand be not be impossible the price forecasts new Fox
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Accompanying Chang'an Ford new Fox appears in each 4s inn, the new car that place of the person that this makes Ke Siai of a lot of blessing good pays close attention to eventually no longer mysterious. Price is announced formally in its previously, everybody pays close attention to most propbably most, still be the price. Alter in these and under promotion, does the government of new fund Fox coach the price can rise subsequently? The person that sees headline estimates the answer that has known me, really, this is impossible apparently. However to new Fox start the price whether under 110 thousand yuan, be not however consistent and accepted, very much even person still thinks: This is impossible. So will analyse an analysis!


Fox alters relative to old money apparent, but do not meet those who bring cost to rise

Very apparent, alleged new Fox, the small model changing a money that is old money Fox nevertheless, the extent that just alters looks not small, so that let person sense,it had very big change. In fact the place that all altering very act artfully to get what one wants, it involved the car head that the person that buy a car pays close attention to most and tail, and on interior trim style, but all altering fluctuant without component of your automobile body, connect the part with larger area even, also did not touch.

The mainland that homebred new Fox is not Chang'an Ford is changed transform, drew lessons from the train of thought changing a money of Fox of European new fund however, but at the same time not overall is copied, do more knowledgeably however. Both sides edition is homebred of new Fox before facial part and Europe edition are different, and modelling more motion and vogue, should say the edition that compare Europe changes more successfully. Be born so that want evening than Europe edition after all, what the stylist of Ford had detail on the appearance again is perfect.

However of line of waist of flank of Europe edition Fox alter should saying is very successful, but homebred Fox was not done so, the stylist that the reason is not Ford of course thinks lumbar line should cancel, the result that adds lumbar line however is bigger to ringing into umbra. Of interior trim alter likewise such, main change is lead plane and appearance, although these altering,can says to succeed, and a lot of more beautiful than old money, but can not bring cost too big increase.

Show this, it is to want to explain, new Fox achieves as same as old money Fox price, have this capacity completely.

The privilege of old money Fox has shown the base price of this car fully

Price of government of old money Fox is not low, 110 thousand yuan of one hundred and twenty-three thousand eight hundred yuan looks that have valence and us to be forecasted today go very far. Next the agency of Chang'an Ford already very long had not bought a car according to this price, substantially privilege is in already second half of the year had begun last year. Before the end of the year received an official last year, the price of 1.8mt Fox already was close to 110 thousand yuan, the beginning of the year ever had small to rise this year, but the before restoring quickly again favourable extent after the Spring Festival. Arrived April, basically want to be in Beijing to the flower buys Fox 105 thousand yuan and blame a trouble, and arrived the eve that new Fox is about to appear on the market, ceng Youjing sells business to explode had given the value under 100 thousand yuan. Of course, this 10-10.5 also is not 10 thousand yuan is Fox's base price, the sound of element much double image that after all agency returns dot and quiet stock to strive for is inside, but OK and affirmative is, fox is in 110 thousand yuan of this price sales, it is reasonable completely, because of the time that it had lasted more than one year. Such word, new Fox decides this value under 110 thousand yuan, have reason completely, capable also.
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