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National Day buys a car to see model of 100 thousand price surely most rely on c
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Be the National Day immediately, many friends are planning to buy a car during this, the circumstance of car city still does not calculate now hot, believe National Day a few days to be able to reach a peak. Many friends call editorial office of our Msn car, report hopes we offer the near future to buy the guidance of the car. The information of special offer car that basically is agency quiet stock, quoted price that buys Che Zhen fruit, can help everybody buy the most appropriate car with least money thereby. Taking such job, our near future can introduce this respect information in detail for everybody, ask big housework to need channel of advertent Msn car, the family expenses car that what we introduce for everybody today is 100 thousand fluctuation buys car special.


The near future, we from one steam - the masses inferior inn of 4s of outstanding Bai Le knows exclusive news, this inn bought outright 100 set limit to to upgrade the golf model of edition and with lowest the 108 thousand yuan price that include a brand (package list price includes: Naked car price purchases the card on car of duty insurance check to expend) undertake selling. And the price of golf model sex of edition of this batch of set limit to is compared very tall, suit to buy very much, and this approves golf the model can sell past other place.

The 6th acting golf be about to homebred message has gotten affirming, numerous consumer is awaiting the arrival of this classical model. Of course the 6th acting golf still has in domestic production have a paragraph of space from us, at present we can buy also have one steam only - the 4th acting golf with homebred masses.

1, vogue metal lacquer adds ¥ 2000 yuan, scuttle adds ¥ 5000 yuan
2, the final price that purchases amount of duty, insurance to all collect orgnaization and insurance company in order to purchase duty is accurate
3, the spot offers two handcart displacement and buy car business in installment.

Understand according to us, this batch is added matching the golf of edition basically is to fasten mark to match side gasbag completely on configuration, promoted not little car security so. And this batch of vehicles are the mainest buying a place is to be on price, 108 thousand yuan price included lowest to be sure to return those who included car to purchase duty not only, such amount to are calculated, highest but You Hu 28 thousand yuan. At the same time dealer also shows, this golf model can sell past other place. Because this approves golf model to show a car not much, because this buys the consumer of this car to make the best of time please of purpose


We from Guangzhou area part inn of 4s of cropland of one steam abundant is in know, kaluola fastens the privilege that has 10 thousand yuan completely now, situation showing a car is general, say according to agency, blocking Luo Laquan is the privilege that has 10 thousand yuan or so, the price of 1.6mt is one hundred and twenty-two thousand eight hundred yuan, interested consumer can be contacted with agency, price respect is returned can somewhat privilege.
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