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98 years of abstruse develop are classical collect carefully edition
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Car category: Brand of car   car: Domestic brand- - C Chang'an- - primary vehicle of abstruse develop   buys price: 0 yuan of   offer car price: Color of car of 12 thousand yuan of   : Utility of green   primary vehicle: The family uses date of the card on car   : Seating: Oily bad news of a hunderd li: 4 litres / engine form of 100 kilometers   : The car discharges an amount: Trade area: Henan- - change the name of owner in a register of Zhengzhou   plate: Can   finite term: Person of 6 months   enrages an index:   of 162 issue date: Car of   of 2008-10-9 besides description: All appearance, fittings is in good condition nondestructive
The lock accuses in
Air conditioning of changes in temperature
Seat (Xia Dong each one)
The car carries MP3
Characteristic: Car condition is good, oily 4-5 of 100 kilometers bad news rises, the abstruse develop that 98 years Chang'an bell wood produces is make plane place use board in those days, the abstruse develop that produces than later is more strong and durable.
In the time with rising oil price, economy saves oil to become the first consideration, abstruse develop is tool of optimal ride instead of walk, it is a novice experienced car, commute and receive the optimal option that sends the child! Car configuration: Direction helps strength Car end flow spoiler AM/FM radio / cassette CD machine VCD Freezer Fog lamp The car holds a phone ABS brake system Alloy annulus circle Gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat Gasbag of driver's seat safety Air conditioning system Medium charge guard against theft Four-wheel drive Unplug automatically

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