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FAW Toyota to upgrade the brand used car business
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Currently, the number of used cars for the domestic auto companies have developed car replacement market, certification and other services, FAW Toyota has launched a "peace of mind used car" and "SMILE certified used car" business. Recently, this reporter went to Zhengzhou in Henan FAW Toyota dealership, used car distance feel FAW Toyota assessment, replacement, authentication and other services.

FAW Toyota "peace of mind used car" in essence, car replacement business, car prices compared to other replacement business, "peace of mind used car" flagship brand of replacement of the whole, involving all car brands and models. General Manager of FAW-Toyota Yu Ren Tao in the shop, said the acquisition of second-hand cars, currently the main store to store sales into the market in parallel with the policy, the ratio was about 7:3 in order to enter the market majority and qualified through used car vehicle in brokerage companies to ensure the quality of accuracy.

For used-car market segment level, upgrade used car business, FAW Toyota, "peace of mind used car" has launched on the basis of "SMILE certified used car" business. Currently, "SMILE certified used car" only for the Toyota brand cars, and cars are limited, with September just joined the camp of the RAV4 and Prius models also only from the Vios, Corolla, Corolla, Crown, Rui Chi extended to seven five. In the used-car customers are most concerned about quality issues "SMILE certified used cars" is also done under the foot, it is in the "peace of mind used car" on the basis of detection of 120 increased to 170 professional testing. 50 for the extra testing, Ren Tao, general manager, said: "This is for the 50 basic terms of consumable parts, such as filters, gas filters, air filters, batteries, and replacement of parts such as wipers to ensure that Customers like to buy a new car used cars. "He also said that those who want to become a" SMILE certified "used cars, it also increased the threshold, the car sales source must meet within six years, 120,000 km and no abnormal skeleton of the vehicle, to be eligible to become certified used cars, certified cars aim is to ensure quality.

It is reported that last year, FAW Toyota, "peace of mind used car" and "SMILE certified used car" sales ratio is about 8:2, used car sales throughout the year about 3000 or so, "SMILE certified used car" about 600 or so, and this year 1-8 months its sales have reached 650. FAW Toyota used car business manager, said Shimizu Hiroshi, although sales of certified used cars accounted for a very small proportion of new vehicle sales, accounting for only 0.2%, but not difficult to see, along with used cars in circulation increased, consumers awareness of the brand increased second-hand car, certified used cars great prospects for future development.

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