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Second-hand car market in Beijing Heavy 2,000 low-end models
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Although sales have started to enter the traditional peak season, but the new car used car sales in the context of sharp price cuts are still difficult to see improvement. Last week reporters learned from the used-car market, the current trading price of used cars is gradually declining, the proportion of the purchase of uncoordinated selling, inventory is also growing. Among them, low brand is becoming a disaster area. General decline in 2,000 low-end cars, "have not thought of how the market will be so short this time, go on like this all a bit much." Last week, in Huaxiang used car market, used car manager, told reporters a large inverted Ning grievances. According to him, the recent second-hand car trading prices showed a downward situation, 5 million or less in the used car Jetta, Santana, Fukang, Charade and Alto models, such as almost all fell 2,000 yuan. Integrity of used car sales manager, Tian Kun, in 2002's Charade transaction price fell from 2.3 yuan to 2.1 million, part of the brokerage firms were even in the 2 million or less on sale. Some mid-size car Bora, Elysee, Peugeot 206 and other models have also declined 4000-5000 yuan. New car price effects are more obvious, "This is mainly due to the conduction of new car market." Ning said that the recent years, major automobile manufacturers and dealers have to compete for sales season cut prices, used car trade effects lead to the synchronization with the recent price cuts . "Alto is one of the most typical example." August 27, Changan Suzuki Alto announced two products for its implementation of price adjustment, the amount of two models are the price of 3,000 yuan, a decline of up to 8.38%. Adjustment, the Alto Happy Prince adjusted to 39,800 yuan from 36,800 yuan, Alto Happy Prince Charming adjusted from 35,800 yuan to 32,800 yuan, "in this context, the previous second-hand car market has been tight models Alto price down. "Liu Ning, for example, in which the happy prince Alto in 2003 to 2.8 million from the previous closing price to 26,000 yuan, a decrease of 10%, with essentially the same drop in new car," This phenomenon of domestic brands in the performance of second-hand car which more is obvious. " Doubling stock price volatility used car also had an impact on sales, many people worry about residual value has been reluctant to sell. "The whole August, sales fell by nearly half." Used car sales manager for a brokerage firm, said in July they traded a total of 33 vehicles, and in August, it sold 21. Direct result of poor sales is used to increase the stock of the garage. "We now have reached 20 stocks, while the normal inventory should be three." Ning said. In other brokerage firms, stock has more than doubled the increase in basic. A sales staff responsible for car replacement, said the stock is still increasing, in order to alleviate the financial pressure, they can only cut prices by. "Before we even higher price than it is now," the sales staff there not willing to say. Ning view, the real auto market to 10 months after the peak season will be coming, used car prices, and then there will be some adjustment of supply and demand relations.
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