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"Asian City certified used cars" test the water service in November
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Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market (hereinafter referred to as "Asian City"), the new "Asian City certified used car" service was early November a low-key small-scale test the water, the service is transparent to vehicle speed and integrity of the core commitments. "Asian City certified used cars" certification includes no major accidents, no serious delays at the end, no unusual numbers of the three frame quality assurance, and provide a vehicle are not consistent with the certification, sub-municipal service center used cars returned unconditionally responsibility Peifu commitment. Certification when each vehicle sold comes with a professional testing reports including vehicle procedures, configuration and other basic information, and incident detection and comprehensive examination, a total of 241 professional testing. In addition to the exhibition on display in the vehicle certification, "Asian City certified cars," also provide testing and certification services for users. Post-test line with sub-second-hand car market quality assurance standards for certification of vehicles are available to "certified used car Arcadia" proven and certified with the exhibition hall to enjoy the car as "not consistent and certification of vehicles, be returned unconditionally," the responsibility of commitment. It is understood that Asian cities are based on 268V certified used cars used cars created a standardized testing technology extension services. The technology used car a thorough inspection to break the traditional assessment of "the human eye + experience" the limitations of professional testing equipment instead of using the human eye, with quantitative data analysis instead of subjective experience, to provide consumers with the substitutions do not change the results of quantitative and standardized testing report.
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