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Second-hand car market in the preservation & Dongfeng Peugeot Volkswagen cars
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Many people will ask us, in the end Which car is worth buying? In addition to brand, and the degree of active in the market or even the price factor, should also be a hedge against inflation rates are most prospective owners should be concerned about one of the factors. Preserve and increase the rate of fully explain the level of car ownership in the market and how much the level of its quality, for those businessmen who used-car market, a good car price is a bit higher. FAW-Volkswagen Preservation factors: the most affordable models the most convenient Over the years, whether Jetta, Jetta or Jetta, Magotan, golf, FAW - Volkswagen products are second-hand car market similar products in the performance of the most prominent. This is not any chance, it represents the quality of its brands and tempered in the market standard of excellence after the reach. Jetta on the dash in the Chinese automobile market, selling more than 20 years to maintain the momentum, until today or over a million on sales models, product cost and ease of maintenance, have a full advantages, which also ensure that it is more hedge against inflation. Expert assessment Jetta enduring 20 years, reflecting not only the Chinese consumers, "Jetta plot", is Jetta "rugged durability, easy maintenance," bring the car to give the highest price, the most relaxing car life. Jetta is known as "hedge King." "One is to keep large vehicles, price stability, preserve and increase the rate; the other hand is a reliable product quality, service and convenient, buyers are also willing to accept. Therefore, the Jetta in a number of second-hand car market trading volume is large, but sometimes would appear difficult to find even the shadow of the Jetta, because almost one vehicle in good Jetta was snapped up by hand. "In Chengdu, in the second-hand car trading services for many years Manager Wang told reporters. Dongfeng Peugeot Preservation factors: strength of the brand created Earlier this year, Dongfeng Peugeot's users have exceeded 40 million, before the listing of the 408, its one of the few models that record with sales of such success, brand image, product quality has been recognized and endorsed the consumer. 307 is a new member to make history, even now, the monthly sales are accounted for sales of Dongfeng Peugeot three cars about half. Preserve the current high rate of Chevrolet cars are still mostly in Europe, in addition to the VW brand cars in the used car market, the firm, the Peugeot as the representative of French cars, 307 also its superior technology and solid chassis control as many used car buyers chasing the object. Expert assessment Chengdu years of operating a used car business, Mr Lee told reporters: second-hand car market, low-end car than the configuration and price, the high-end cars to fight for it is "art." Dongfeng Peugeot 307 for one year after the hedge ratio can reach a higher level of 70% or more, and even after 3 years of solid use around 60%. Preserve and increase the rate of 307 because the process of good quality and high technical content. Lee also introduced, reflecting the 307 owners no big problems, high rate of excellent conditions is an important guarantee for preservation.
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