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Sam Sung Yi Garden into a used car "parking lot" 7 as the tenant to do used ca
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Recently, Sam Sung Yi Garden owners reflected that many people do used car rental business in the district, and the second-hand car in the district, to the district's safety hidden trouble. December 16, Xinmin Network reporter field visits, more than ten vehicles without license plates of vehicles parked in the district, one kilometer from the old motor vehicle market. Visit: Unlicensed vehicle underground garage area is marked "transaction" December 16 morning, Xinmin Network reporter saw three Sheng Yi Garden, as is the working day, district vehicles parked on the road is not much, but the reporter was not found for nearly 10 kinds of licenses or foreign license vehicles. While these cars were covered with a layer of snow, but still can see the appearance of old, there is no trace of the recent start the car at the scene. Then the reporter in the area to see an underground garage, near the side of the three "investment port parking" under the parked car filled with thick dust three cars, including two without a license, which blocked a Santana car Wind glass before placing the labeled "old motor vehicle market grew to" A4 paper transaction information. When reporters visited the district to see a black car without license plates parked in the 202 entered the downstairs area, while a no dome light of the "taxi" out of the cell. Settled area used car owners who greatly influenced the lives of residential property owners Fu told reporters near a secondary motor vehicle market, many business people in both the rental market here, the district as a "used car parking lot", and sometimes painting, for cushions to the used car "beauty." Owners Aunt Chen complained: "They not only accounts for parking spaces, but also all groups rent, access will be ruined, chaotic parking lawn was crushed, the district made a mess of public facilities." Property 居委: 7 percent of tenants do used cars Rhythm Garden residential property is responsible for Property Management Co., Ltd. Songjiang Branch staff said that as tenants of the District 7, about three thousand men are doing the trading of used cars, used cars entered for the district's management "Xinyou is weak ", but had several attempts ineffective. According to reports, Sam Sung Yi Garden built in 2003 to stay, "until very good", until 2005, old motor vehicle market grew to move Gu Dai road, "everything is what it seems." The staff member added, along with the development of the market, the venue was more limited, so many people took aim at a nearby community, "parking convenience, but also to dispense with a lot of market management fee," district underground garage had become a "second-hand car market place." Wu Ye staff said they had to this phenomenon to the relevant departments Jubao before, but Wu Nai 该 for Songjiang, Minhang District at the junction of two, has not been fundamentally resolved; Yeceng United Juwei drag Zouguo some vehicles, but the other playing "guerrilla warfare", the long-term results are poor. In the face of property management staff, these "businessmen" ranging from verbal threats, while in punched each other. Property that the current limit to truck traffic into and out ban area, the situation has certainly improved, joint committees will soon be, within the district long-term parking of unlicensed vehicles towed away. Voice: Can move second-hand car market? How to cure the current chaotic situation in the area, owners, Ju Wei, the property is quite consistent with the tripartite approach: whether to consider removal of the used car market? This reporter learned that, although the market is located in Minhang District, but it is affected by the district Songjiang District, and is not only a three-Sheng Yi Garden, near the capital district Xiangyu also suffered, and because a large number of second-hand Gu Dai road car park, causing a serious traffic jam the road. Property staff said in the past they have to second-hand car market in Jiading near the research, how does that work around the market does not affect the living, "in the business market and the general population live in households separate also less trouble . "
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