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Abundant cropland imperial crown / acute records will go new fund to appeared on
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The imperial crown of car of the two drive after the paragraph with subordinate cropland of one steam abundant and acute annals, since landing Chinese car market oneself with its beautiful beautiful atmospheric exterior and greater sexual value are more numerous than was being won the fragrant heart of consumer. Be in in recent years after rolling out the model such as special edition, anniversary edition ceaselessly, imperial crown and acute annals are about to receive their new fund model, sell department manager Du Manjiang to introduce according to the wide field that connect abundant, add the new imperial crown after matching and acute annals model to will show exhibition hall of body 4S inn at the near future.

Model of new fund imperial crown already transferred the 4S inn that cropland of one steam abundant is in Beijing area recently, and the new fund model of acute annals had be notted arrive at. The salesperson expresses, these two new cars will appear on the market at was being controlled in October 2008 sale, while color of hub of car of new imperial crown is being changed, unified still mark matched more convenient intelligence key, and new Rui Zhize was added newly more the motile hub that reveals athletic style greeted the configuration such as guest footplate to also become mark to match subsequently additionally.

<- clicks a picture to examine cash imperial crown and acute annals more wonderful picture - >

CROWN imperial crown appears on the market to be mixed to the aggrandizement of oneself up to now from 5 years perfect never cease, the CROWN imperial crown that from cropland of abundant of 6 years of one steam 3 years of grand ceremony roll out is special 裝 car, to 7 years bold and resolute was opposite in September have norms and price system adjust, every time rises and be being perfected is the promotion of the underlying tone such as the comfortable sex that pays close attention to most in the light of consumer, security, make its are revealed highly piece " harmonious " , " intellectual " beautiful, gift thereby the commodity meaning with brand-new brand of CROWN imperial crown. In exterior respect, the automobile body of massiness of new imperial crown absorbed design style of Europe apparently, automobile body line is more fruity also, body reveals the tide that a kind of motion turns, and accumulate contained have calligraphy the element of elegant, free and easy glamour is design concept, deduce the innovation style of bouncing feeling; Hold a respect inside, it is gone after " comfortable and satisfied, showily elegance " high administrative levels is enjoyed; In configuration respect, the FR platform that adopts new development, V63.0 that contains double VVT-i raises gasoline engine and 6 archives hand from gear-box of an organic whole, achieved insurgent power gender, outstanding maneuverability, stability under transport condition, quiet gender and fuel socioeconomic are perfect union.
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