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Reynolds is rolled out - new fund appears on the market at the beginning of next
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Although graceful model of Reynolds plum pleasant is in the expression of home market all the time very low-key, but it is to change ceaselessly however on its overseas market. We once also had introduced the official picture that Meiganna lifts back model 5 times to you at the beginning of this month, and about Meiganna the model had newest news now, that is Meiganna the official plan of model of 3 edition Coupe also is announced to come out.

From the picture we can see this model seems to be clay sculpture model, but from these pictures we can see 3 edition Mei Ganna measures the appearance that produces edition place to have, this car will appear on the market at next year the beginning of the year sale. This car got ever this year the car exhibits Geneva of the beginning of the year of the car of concept of Coupe of 3 edition Mei Ganna that appear inspire, compare with photograph of 5 edition model, window of the car after Mei Ganna Coupe used inferior roof contour line, triangle reachs tilting car end modelling.

Anticipate, model general and model of 5 edition Mei Ganna carry this 3 door edition similar engine. Reynolds will be model of Coupe of this 3 edition Mei Ganna to configure power of a few output to upright at 85 HP (add up to 63 kilowatt about) to 160 HP (add up to 119 kilowatt about) the DCi derv engine between.

The gasoline engine that carries will include to output power to be 100 HP respectively (add up to 75 kilowatt about) with 110 HP (add up to 82 kilowatt about) 1.6L engine; Output power is 140 HP (add up to 104 kilowatt about) 2.0L engine; Still have engine of pressure boost of two new turbine in addition, the output power of 1.4L TCe engine is 130 HP (add up to 97 kilowatt about) , the output power of 2.0L TCe engine is 180 HP (add up to 134 kilowatt about) .

Whether not clear still Reynolds still rolls out model of Mei Ganna RS to or at present is the special edition such as such as R26, dan Conglei Nuo before in light of the practice, the athletic version model of a top class series will be rolled out.

(Edit Liu Xiaoya)

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