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3 side car accepts class A of river the Huaihe River book detailed configuration
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The road of the own car of car of river the Huaihe River and other firm differ somewhat, locate at the beginning taller, rolled out model of guest Yue series first, price is in 11.27-14.67 10 thousand yuan. And next car of its class A 137, 138 also be about to roll out formally, had begun to accept a client to book at present. The Chengdu car of afoot is exhibited on, while new car appears again, the detailed configuration of A138 is formal also exposure, have 1.3 in all, two 1.5 platoons measure 6 models, predicting price is controlled 80 thousand yuan.

138 automobile body grow Jiang Huai 4155mm, comparative basically with dimension of car of land wind elegance and talent. Dynamical respect, use the 4G13 of 3 water chestnut with mature and reliable technology and 4G15 motor, platoon quantity is 1.3L and 1.5L, discharge standard of the IV that it is Europe, lowest of 100 kilometers oily bad news is 5.5 litres, embark 5 block a hand to use transmission. Around suspension all is independent suspension, taken comfortable sex aux will be able to satisfies requirement of the member that multiply.

The respect is configured in safety, a138 new car besides equipment before besides double safe gasbag, still ABS EBD active configuration assures safety, at the same time door is prevented bump into girder, can;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink turn to tubal column to be the member that multiply to provide more protection. And back a car what door lock is matching high only is luxurious in the center of radar, remote control model just have equipment.

Outer ministry configures a respect, a138 satisfies general requirement, dynamoelectric and adscititious hot rearview mirror matchs model mark high only, the face uses the design style of big mouth before, draw the outline of through what bumper and engine overspread, make it seems that already accumulate containing move feeling, won't appear too exaggerative again, it is You Jianghuai and Italian guest company combination designs Nifaniya.

What A138 regards Jiang Huai as the car is brand-new strategic model, high-key the product line that Jiang Huai abounded not only after releasing, and it is the important piece that the cloth on the prospective market in class A car plays Jiang Huai, in the future whether the new force that makes sale of future of car of river the Huaihe River, even final price.

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