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Have Paris of photograph of Che Liang of concept of X1 of BMW of style of SUV au
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Car of 2008 Beijing international is exhibited on, BMW X6 with the capacity that Asian head delivers is shown formally before domestic consumer, the small-sized car in this phase BMW - X1 also is filmed by relevant media, this brand-new the model will be exhibited at the Parisian car that is about to develop on appear.

And the video of the notional car about this X1 is announced to come out on the net now. Can see from inside video car of BMW X1 concept has SUV model color, its automobile body uses maize color spray. According to the tradition of BMW, its quantity produces model and notional car version to differ very few, and the quantity produces car version to predict will the end of next year ability appears.

Anticipate BMW X1 will be the X5 model of miniature edition, draw lessons from the about of model of athletic edition X6, in addition this car still will share moving device with 1 department model. At present BMW did not leak the pertinent information that concerns this X1 model, more information want when Parisian car exhibits ability to learn.

(Edit Ren Wei)

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