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New Ao Di can buy new A4 after A6L National Day, on Q5 next year
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Dispatch: New Ao Di can buy new A4 after A6L National Day, on Q5 next year

One steam - masses Ao Di sells career ministry to carry out vise general manager Zhang Xiaojun accepts sina car special interview

Interview video

Sina car dispatch is homebred Ao Di A6

This second appear on the market will raise brand-new 3.0T machine pressure boost engine won't be caused truckload of the price rise, compare with the photograph of 3.2 FSI engine before, this engine has higher sexual price to compare, in feebleminded bad news while, assure taller efficiency.

The metaphase that A6L of new Ao Di and European near future roll out changes paragraph A6 to belong to the congener model that the corresponding period appears on the market, but adjust somewhat in configuration respect according to domestic situation.

After appearing on the market on September 24, can be in 135 agency office of countrywide to book, after National Day, can buy A6L of new Ao Di in succession in inn.

Spend two taller models to attention, zhang Zongming expresses truly homebred brand-new A4 of generation Ao Di

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