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Engine of the buy before using 4 edition racing bike is about to roll out Lanboj
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With running quickly E-Class is made for the foundation brand-new after CLS-Class of 4 litter racing bike is rolled out oneself, get not only consumer reputably, and the nimble when including to protect and Aston horse Ding Ye in succession follow the lead of rolls out respective 4 litter racing bike. At this late hour, also will roll out first oneself 4 door racing bike in order to produce the Lanbojini of super racing bike.

Run quickly CLS-4 door litter runs

This brand-new the brand is about to measure Lanbojini the 4 litter racing bike that produce, the configuration of engine of the buy before using, section of top class car also will cite the technology that comes from Ao Di of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, guide brand-new system of generation full-time four-wheel drive. In addition, 4 racing bike will be in Lanbojini the car of 2008 Paris international that kicks off at the beginning of October is exhibited on hold global premiere.

Litter of door of Panamera-4 of the nimble when protecting runs

In dynamical system respect, this Lanbojini is brand-new 4 litter run will carry the benzine V8 that comes from Ao Di former plant or V10 engine, and deserve to weigh to offer perfect from beginning to end, and reach complete car light quantified target, automobile body and chassis parts more be expected to guide much aluminium alloy material pledges.

Asidumading - 4 litter run

Predict this Lanbojini is brand-new after 4 litter racing bike comes out, annual will can be factory of this Italy racing bike to raise bigger yield can and rich and generous profit, brand whole world can reach Ranglanbojini every year little work off is controlled 3000 times.

(Edit Deng Xi)

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