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Predicting carry out appears on the market to be in before the end of the year o
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Southeast car disclosed a few days ago, 3 water chestnutZinger is muti_function the car is about to appear on the market at the end of the year, this is 3 water chestnut collect of Japanese the force of group of picked design research and development, what with satisfying Asian customer demand is standard of research and development the first is brand-new model, predicting price is in 100 thousand yuan of above. The reporter is in AugustYue of V3 water chestnutget offline the Zinger of 3 water chestnut that ceremonially has seen trying in the road.

Zinger of 3 water chestnut

Zinger of 3 water chestnutPicture

Southeast car passes investigation, discover Chinese RV (MPV and SUV) consumer buys car use in, class action car and life are occupied each with car scale 50% , concept of consumer of integrated RV market, the be pregnant with of Zinger of 3 water chestnut that is base point in order to satisfy the job and domestic diversity requirement and unripe.

Zinger of 3 water chestnut

Picture of Zinger of 3 water chestnut

According to introducing, initiate of Zinger of 3 water chestnut " MICS " concept, fixed position " MICS-RV " , among them " M " delegate versatility, " I " space of delegate interior bounty and multiply Zai Shu comfortable sex, " C " the delegate is compact model tall rigid automobile body, " S " the representing's fine style, "RV " the perfect confluence that represents the value that exceeds a value high through gender and content.

To show the athletic nature of SUV, zinger of 3 water chestnut uses Pajieluo the batholith of Challenger1000000 class tall tigidity that familial all previous experiments via old and cross-country match, plus design of crossbeam type batholith, lie between noise of blind alley face effectively, make sex of its Jing Su banner the RV that be the same as class, in the Zinger on the network more by numerous vermicelli made from bean starch people the nickname is " small handkerchief " , obtain super- imaginary attention. Zinger of 3 water chestnut carries technology of engine of MIVEC of 3 water chestnut, this engine represented the top level of technology of engine of current world car, have alterable valve when system, this one technology is applied extensively on the model of the famed whole world such as EVO of 3 water chestnut, PAJERO.

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