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Fox moves one hundred and eighteen thousand nine hundred 09 paragraph Ford feeli
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The sale legend of market of Chinese intermediate car will be written by add! Fox greeted the Ford of ─ of ─ of surveyor's pole model that gets market of intermediate car of the sale star that fix eyes upon, China fully to upgrade in the round! Today, 2009 Ford Fox is moved formally in the whole nation feeling appear on the market! 2009 Ford Fox has essence of life to control definitely, use feeling design, banner safety, top technology window of 4 old products. In accede and carried on Fox " essence of life controls definitely " on the traditional base that this one equipment gets recognition, 2009 Ford Fox not only introduced new " use feeling design " the exterior, enhanced configuration and safe equipment, and the be fond of that links Chinese customer in the many sided such as interior trim, craft, material is optimized in the round further with upgrade, will consolidate its are in China continuously of intermediate car market get army position! 2009 Ford Fox includes 3 compartment, wing-rooms on either side of one storey house inside, mutual and luxurious model, motile, vogue, comfortable model 7 4 series, models. Its price sees next tables:

Tariff of 09 Ford Fox


The price (10 thousand yuan) 1.8 hands use wing-rooms on either side of one storey house comfortable model 11.89 both sides 2 hands use wing-rooms on either side of one storey house of 1.8 automatic vogue 13.49 motile 14.79 both sides 1.8 hands move 3 wing of 15.39 of 2 automatic motile comfortable model 3 compartment of 11.89 3 compartment of 1.8 automatic vogue 13.49 2 automatic and luxurious model 15.19

Tabulation: Www.pcauto.com.cn of network of Pacific Ocean car

"Newest synchronism changing a money rolls out 2009 Ford Fox and Europe, cashed not only the commitment that Chang'an Ford brings best product to China, reflected us adequately also at the same time the timely response that newest to Chinese consumer demand changes. " Shen Yingquan of president of limited company of Ma Zida car says Chang'an Ford.

09 Fox appear on the market

09 Fox appear on the market the spot

Shen Yingquan points out, as 2009 Ford Fox roll out, at present all products of Chang'an Ford realized the global synchronism on real significance, proved the production with Chang'an advanced Ford and technical actual strength further. And a lot of aggrandizement that 2009 Ford Fox is aimed at place of Chinese consumer be fond of to undertake, showed the actual strength of research and development that essence of Chang'an Ford product receives adequately to go up again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

"Regard the sale on Chinese market as star, ford Fox is one of our mainest products. " He Junjie of sale company general manager says Chang'an Ford Ma Zida: "2009 Ford Fox enhanced it greatly the competition ability in the car that be the same as class, offerred admirable sexual price to compare for consumer. " he points out, outer view, interior trim, craft, configuration and safe respect have 2009 Ford Fox comprehensive ground aggrandizement and promotion, and the price is compared however have competition ability more before, make consumer OK estimate the value of the model with 1.6, enjoy the configuration that measures a model to 1.8 and performance. "Of 2009 Ford Fox roll out, will consolidate further Fox already some advantages and public praise, make sure we are competing the growing development of healthy stability on intense with each passing day China market. " He Junjie says.
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