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The month will appear on new generation CITY11 1.8L marchs intermediate car
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Will use 1.8L model to march the Chengdu car that intermediate car market opens before long afore is exhibited on, reporter from Guangzhou this cropland understands about controller office, this Guangzhou cropland is preparing brand-new the homebred job of generation CITY car, this new car exhibits the Guangzhou international car that kicked off on November 20 on appear, predict this year bottom or bright the beginning of the year appears on the market formally.

Brand-new generation CITY car will equip with consider the engine of 1.8 litres of I-VTEC with same region, march in the round intermediate car market.

According to introducing, brand-new generation CITY car is this cropland Motor Corporation is brand-new a of development intermediate car, it adopted brand-new technical platform, and on generation CITY photograph is compared, no matter be the change that appearance, dimension, motivation, configuration had thoroughly remould oneself, can saying is the model that two generation differ completely. Conspicuous is, brand-new generation CITY will be deployed with consider region engine of same 1.8 litres of I-VTEC and 5 fast automatic gear-box, the configuration such as steering wheel and consider region almost identical also. This shows the 8th Dai Yage, new generation flies to afterwards degree after obtaining the market to succeed, this cropland will be mixed with CITY consider region two models will challenge Feng Tianhua coronal and Kaluola to be in the old position of intermediate car market.

This Guangzhou cropland expresses about chief, brand-new of generation CITY car homebred, fill Guangzhou this cropland is in the product on intermediate car market is blank, range of products will enclothe class of A0 class, class A, B and MPV, form relatively complete range of products thereby, this will have crucial effect to enlarging market share. Accordingly, this Guangzhou cropland is remittent right brand-new generation CITY was full of expect, the 8th acting elegant cabinet, new generation flies degree after appearing on the market, it is become " number one project " , production prepares the job to undertaking nervously.

He still discloses, because new generation CITY and cash Sai Di are having revolutionary change, both target market also is having essential distinction, whether does this Guangzhou cropland still cry to this new car so " Sai Di " still discussing in, roll out very likely with a brand-new name. Illuminate from espionage on seeing new generation CITY solemn is " small elegant cabinet " , look this Guangzhou cropland hopes it can acquire the market position like elegant cabinet.

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