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Automatic archives of guest Yue 2.0L appears on the market price 11.98-14.97 10
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Case of the market price on product of series of 2 automatic archives already released Bin Yue: 2.0AT economy edition one hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan; 2.0AT luxurious edition one hundred and thirty-eight thousand seven hundred yuan; 2.0AT homage edition one hundred and forty-nine thousand seven hundred yuan.

Since guest Yue hand moves archives to appeared on the market in November from 7 years, sales volume is climbed quickly litre, the proprietor of an enterprise of governmental official, civilian battalion main force that formed Bin Yue consumes a crowd.

3 water chestnut of Japan of embarking unifinication of 2 automatic archives offer Bin Yue only engine and F4A4B are automatic gear-box, use the MIVEC technology with 3 newest water chestnut (successive and alterable valve when) , list 4 crock, 16 valve continuously, the electron controls eject of many bits of fuel, 100 kilometers oily waste time is only 7.5L, discharge reach a nation Ⅳ level, collect high-power, tall torque and low oscillatory, low noise, low fuel are used up, low discharge wait for multinomial integral performance to be an organic whole.

In configuration and functional respect, yue Haohua of guest of 2 automatic archives with homage deployed BOSCH system of new generation brake, advanced derma / entrance calf seat, inside buy type is dynamoelectric scuttle, back a car radar calls the police hand of system, driver seat is moved / dynamoelectric 8 to adjustable wait for numerous configuration.

Serve for successful personage, character, comfortable, safe especially important. Guest Yue all previous is apart from a test via train in excess specified length of 5 million kilometer, be equivalent to circling earthly equator 130 rounds, passed downy, high temperature, Gao Han, high speed, field and the brutal test that photograph of professional experiment field combines, below any harsh environments, can maintain easily accuse.

The car is comfortable the gender depends on multiple element. The wheelbase of train in excess specified length of Bin Yue 2790MM, those who built aviation first-class stateroom cabin is capacious and comfortable; American Johnson Controls, inc. Seat, according to design of human body engineering, long-distance defy fatigue result remarkable; Air conditioning of American Modine intelligence, round-the-clock safeguard the four seasons if spring; Air purifies system and zoology interior trim the person that let succeed is companion with health constantly. Character of the noise inside the car is outstanding at the same time, the noise inside 120KM/h car is only 66dB, was the person that take to offer quiet and comfortable take an environment; Truckload officer of air of course Europe LOTUS, its operate stability is more excellent.

Side wall of type of the automobile body of bird's nest type that Bin Yue uses multiple aggrandizement, an organic whole, can;burst;ulcerate;fester press type 3 class are sucked can turn to column and ABS EBD to wait a moment advocate passive safety design. In the meantime, LOTUS of Europe of classics of guest Yue batholith moves the elaborate air officer of school, realized high speed to cross curved stability.
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