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Field and expeditionary optimal spouse is beautiful roll out new model recreatio
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Present car design pays attention to the peculiar line that automobile body place has more it seems that it seems that, is not his actual practical, the notional car of these rich innovation characteristics appears on road likely in the future. The architects that design contest meaning is in the car that beautiful car rolls out every year to be full of creativity to those reveal his opportunity.

Beautiful Ilove is a cross-country and recreational car, it can go up in land already travel, also can undertake travel in water. Because this car is having very unique automobile body design, the wheel of this car ases if it seems that independent at automobile body besides. In addition this car has inferior automobile body to bleach buoyancy it seems that, this Rangjike floats with be in water rise, the engine that carries is OK still the travel of drive car.

This concept car comes out by David Portela design, beautiful Ilove can be applied to cross-country and expeditionary, if you hope your field and expeditionary experience is full of fashionable element, so Ilove will be your best choice.

(Edit Liu Xiaoya)

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