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Car of 3 seat environmental protection is set to rely on electric energy travel
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Current Paris car postpones the great event that it may be said is model of green environmental protection, all sorts of configuration mix the dynamical plant, model that carries electric motor and fuel economy to appear in succession, company of Ye of be stranded benefit exhibits course of study to roll out motor-car of a report in current Paris car, name of this report motor-car is Friendly. Its model is shirt-sleeve small-sized muti_function the characteristic of compartment type car and small-sized car.

You can consider the name that sees Friendly for certain it is a model that has environmental protection property certainly. Really, this car configured one set to have the electric system of environmental protection function, this one system can let this car have good property performance, and the complement that the nickel metal batteries of this car can pass the power source socket with common any to be able to achieve energy.

Altogether of this report motor-car differs 3 kinds the model of automobile body dimension. 3 models all installed 3 seat. Among them in front of is sheet a one seat, place an inter; Back row installed two seat. To can be had more store object space, the back row seat of this car still can be laid. The version with automobile body the smallest size store object space is 0.85 stere, and the biggest it is 1.65 stere.

(Edit Liu Xiaoya)

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