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Home of Wo Erwo XC60 begins a road to try next year to was introduced Feburary
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Exhibit in the Beijing international car this year, wo Erwo XC60 appears formally in home first. Recently, wo Erwo XC60 is exhibited in car of current Paris international appear on the market formally, the model with the safest throughout history of this so-called Wo Erwo is beginning to push eventually to the market. It is reported, wo Erwo XC60 will introduce home in 9 years, the person that the competitor points to BMW X3 and travel of road tiger god continuously 2.

According to concerning personage of know the inside story to divulge, wo Erwo XC60 has begun to try the job in domestic road at present, change to get used to domestic climate, already area of northeast of make choice of regards a test as area. And this new model will be in the most quickly introduced home to sell Feburary next year, at present each district agency still cannot be accepted book.

Brand-new Wo Erwo XC60 also is the exterior most the model of a Wo Erwo of make public. The rearview mirror of the car before the iron bid that increases on front echelon grille can is full of quickly, clear declare publicly is worn the future of Wo Erwo car. On end door " Volvo " word mark used the aggravating style with older span now, cooperate the iron mark of front, promoted a vision wallop.

Brand-new vigor also was full of inside the car of XC60. The member that all multiplying sits cozily on the X theme seat of new design, but clearly is the center that serves as whole design with the driver, letting its feeling seem is to driving plane of business affairs of a jet-propelled, and all passengers sit inside first-class stateroom cabin. Brand-new the configuration the outside and the inside of Wo Erwo XC60 is the most conspicuous is urban security system (City Safety) -- this kind of unique safe system can help a driver reduce the low speed that avoids to often happen in the place when the heavy traffic inside city even collides and chase after end accident. If hit the car in front likely and the driver fails to make response in time, car will be automatic apply the brake.

Brand-new the cause client of Wo Erwo XC60 is the grade of those design of style of be particular about, person that pays attention to content of brand image and requirement high-tech. When choosing a car they also are following same life concept, they need appeal of a market and intelligence to change a feature at a suit, model that can satisfy them to need entirely.
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