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The end of the year of product transition Xin Junwei " sneak attack " city of il
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All the time the Jun Wei of market of car of main attack public business affairs, Jun Yue, or will be in in advanced car market takes the lead in realizing luxuriant big face about. A few days ago, the reporter learns from concerned channel, shanghai connects the Xin Junwei fastening a gram that maneuver delimits this year the end of the year is rolled out, on will outer form and technology more cater to in the ascendant personal spending market.

So far, the brand that fasten a gram is rolled out probably with Xin Junwei in Chinese market for chance, undertake major transition and brand weigh model. Advanced car market also will be in in the end of the year appears great " dividing line " .

The exterior is paid attention to more move feeling

As we have learned, be in newest in announcement of a batch of new cars, shanghai is general have a list of names posted up on two models, guess this means Xin Junwei to obtain inside course of study batch. The message says, xin Junwei will be the Europe since a source, model fastening a gram that is based on platform of car of general and newest whole world. The Epsilon Ⅱ platform that this car carries is center of research and development of general motors Europe the whole world of newest development is intermediate car platform, have the most advanced technology already, developed German car craft to reach again grasp the strong point that controls function.

And the reporter is in know from agency, xin Junwei is fluent move touch line and the Europe Bao Xinwei that London head sent July to amount to Insignia special likeness, contain again at the same time bright do not capture familial feature, what if fasten,capture familial mood is three-dimensional and stereo the rearview mirror of the grille before straight waterfall type, fog lamp before jumping over what the style agrees with Xin Kai, type that fasten a gram turns to the lamp to wait a moment. Overcome product appearance at be being fastened at present relatively, xin Junwei overturns the likelihood the figure in carry out model, added more moving feeling, contemporary element, animal farm no longer at sedate on this one figure.  

Turn attack illicit car to consume the market

In fact, shanghai is general kind of of all kinds sale was carried several years in the past, the brand image with the particular place that fasten a gram was made successfully in Chinese car city, those who agreed to consume dominant by public business affairs is medium advanced car market.

But came 9 years in the past, with illicit home car arisen for the mark, structure of Chinese car market and consumptive concept produce major change. Personal spending group becomes the main force that the car consumes, consumptive age is young with each passing day also change, the development that the state of mind of people accompanies a society is more open, right " modelling vogue, have hold accuse fun, safe environmental protection " outlook of pursuit predominate spending. Mix with the technology those who hold be good at charging a sex is medium advanced car makes new market point of growth.
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