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Our country car uses alcohol gas " 915 " the program is brewing
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Jilin saved afterwards on November 18 last year, since Heilongjiang province popularized use alcohol benzine on October 1 this year, liaoning province also was saving use alcohol benzine completely on November 1. So far, the car uses the job with alcohol benzine promotion northeastern 3 provinces spread out in the round.

This is a country only " metamorphic fuel alcohol and car use alcohol benzine “ 15 ” develop special program " one part. According to this program, to the end of 2005, 5 provinces whole area mixes the Henan of our country, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning the partial area of 4 provinces realizes Jiangsu, Heibei, Shandong, Hubei basically the car replaces the gas that do not have lead with alcohol benzine. The place in the program needs fuel alcohol 1.02 million tons, by 1 ∶ 9 (bulk is compared) scale joins benzine in, alcohol petrolic crop will amount to 10.2 million tons. Our country's current and annual benzine yield is controlled in 45 million tons, come that is to say by 2005, alcohol benzine will occupy the 1/4 of countrywide benzine gross.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, the car that brewing about the branch in the country uses alcohol benzine “ in 915 ” program, will continue to enlarge alcohol petrolic to extend range.

The data shows, our country from from country of crude oil exit change is country of crude oil only import since 1993, crude oil imported a quantity to already amounted to 91.12 million tons 2003.

Fuel alcohol serves as a kind but renewable resources, in world oil natural resources price of in short supply, crude is climbed ceaselessly litre, below the condition with environmental increasingly aggravating pressure, already formed new round rapid development posture. The development application of fuel alcohol and car are used with alcohol petrolic promotion, be helpful for alleviating oil natural resources is in short supply, ensure safety of national energy resources; Be helpful for improving atmosphere environment, improve dweller life quality; Be helpful for promoting agricultural development, stability increases farmer income. Accordingly, it is country of a benefit the favour of benefit civilian.

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