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No matter new standard is only right,already bought GB of car oily bad news the
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To the car advocate people the “ that cares generally already was bought whether can the car amount to mark because of oily bad news and prohibit problem of start off ” , jin Yaofu expresses, new standard just is produced in the light of the car and sell a field, the car in using need not worry to be taken ” of “ the Incantation of the Golden hoop.

The explanation says Jin Yaofu, brigadier of this one mark divides a phase to carry out, the first phase of new development model carries out date to be on July 1, 2005, executive date of the 2nd phase is on January 1, 2008; In production the model defers a year respectively, executive date of the first phase is on July 1, 2006, executive date of the 2nd phase is on January 1, 2009. That is to say, no matter leave newly,producing a model, after arriving at a regulation to execute time, must detect to the country the orgnaization refers specific fuel consumption to measure attestation application, up to mark just can appear on the market.

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