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Beijing selectives examination brake fluid quality detects the result is not hop
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Industrial and commercial bureau entrusted Beijing a few days ago the sources of energy of industry of motor transportation of the Ministry of Communication uses the center that monitor, according to national relative standard, undertook to Beijing car a replacement quality is supervised selective examination. Selective examination to make clear as a result, unacceptable state of fluid of the brake on the market matchs in steam relatively serious still.

This second undertake selectiving examination to brake fluid, via detecting discovery shares 32 sample to be reject, among them 4 sample are sham product, 1 is 3 without the product. Main problem reachs his to endanger as follows: Solid grain substance is contained in brake fluid, fluid of this kind of brake wears away those who add braking system interconnected system, jam pipeline of braking system all; Boiling point of circumfluence of brake fluid balance is too low, fluid of this kind of brake produces vapour lock easily, department opportunity feels brake is fatigued and weak, serious meeting creates be no longer in force of apply the brake. Still have fluid of a few brake - viscosity of 40 ℃ motion is too big, winter uses department opportunity to feel brake hair is good, serious same meeting creates be no longer in force of apply the brake.

Because fluid of major unqualified brake is packed with transparent and plastic bottle, immanent quality is poor, indicate especially for “ day bully card is advanced the sample that synthesizes brake fluid ” , did not tag manufacturing unit name, every bottles are 2 yuan about into valence, its balance circumfluence boiling point to be 89 ℃ only, use it to be able to bring huge safety hidden trouble to drive a vehicle.

The address that some commodity tag and phone exist far from. Be like: Tag for “ Jin Sheng 912 model embellish of ” of synthetic brake fluid, “ bully the manufacturing company name that the product of ” of fluid of brake of 912 advanced synthesis tagged bully card of Europe of ” of fluid of 3000 synthesis brake, “ to differ 3 times respectively, tagged however same two spacing phone, quality all very poor, consumer regards them as very easily the product with complete label will choose.

Return some commodity not to tag manufacturing date or lot number, some does not tag a product even date and executive standard, if because this was chosen,consumer expires product or choose a fault product model will bring needless loss. Add some commodity sealing poorer, have leakage appearance. Because brake fluid has the characteristic of moisture absorption, the balance circumfluence boiling point of the product after moisture absorption can drop somewhat, because this kind of meeting that pack reduces the quality of the product. (Zhou Junyan)

Beijing is versed in management board of commercial firm politics will be executed to rejected product exit compulsively, the operator of unqualified to the sale commodity is handled lawfully, after manufacturing company is rectified and reform, country of its product classics detects after the orgnaization reinspects qualification, square but reentrance market sale. Consumer also can be hit 12315 complain to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
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