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General motors high level shuffles successor of accept of made of baked clay cas
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General motors company makes a statement now say, de Sen of go smoothly of presiding and general motors vice-chairman, financial officer (Fritz Henderson) hold preferment company president concurrently presiding apparitor, media of authority of American automobile industry " Detroit news " the analysis thinks, henley will be become general the strong successor that currently holds the post ofpresident Wagner.

It is reported, henley enters general motors company to work from 1984, be engaged in money can working at first, firm of general motors banking ever was held the position of later (GMAC) trustee, be in after group of component of predecessor —— general motors holds the position of presiding operation official. His Ceng Zaitong was used last year with federation of American car worker (UAW) main effect is produced in negotiation of labour and capital, and force hurried reduces reduce pressure for the cost of American automobile industry.

And Ray Young of vice-president of this predecessor finance affairs will be held the position of hold the position of a group presiding and financial officer. The Young that is 46 years old will participate in company of help general motors to extend include China, India, Brazil and Russia inside global market.

The target of general motors company is banner car is become to produce business in system of a few burgeoning economy, remove the effect that glides in the mature market business such as North America and Western Europe with this.

The Thomas Stephens that assembly of general motors motivation and vice president of global quality branch hold the position of before this will hold the position of the executive vice-president of the group.

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