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World steely tycoon still values Chinese car line of business to develop prospec
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Ai Baojun of general manager of treasure steel stock expresses to the reporter, the development of Chinese car line of business has a few characteristics: It is development momentum is powerful, although have structural sex rise and fall, but overall growth momentum is not reversible turn, and will optimize ceaselessly to the demand structure of automobile steel products. 2 be style, different technology differs on the world most representative car manufacturer already invested in Chinese home almost set a plant, the diversity development of Chinese car line of business makes home to it the car of form a complete set board supply catenary “ to must have the most extensive adaptability ” .

Bao Gang chooses Europe and Asia's different partner to make car board supply chain together, its intention is to get used to the development characteristic of Chinese car line of business. According to the estimation inside course of study, china is used at truckload on the base that production rolled steel reached 7 million tons last year, come to will amount to 8 million tons 2005, come to will break through 11 million tons 2010.

The car crust product that A of Shanghai treasure steel surpasses laser of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to spell the laser that solder is putting inside limited company to spell solder (photographed on November 9) . Although Chinese car line of business is in,structural sex appeared after prices of “ blowout ” adjust, but the first steely tycoon of world A Sailuo company together a of joint-stock construction of Bao Gang group and Shanghai people corporation the most advanced laser spells solder board product line to still throw production as scheduled. Liu Ying of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

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