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Si Taier weighs steam to send Wo Chengxin looking at a person of extraordinary p
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“ Si Taier represented a period that China blocks again, but this we should create a new era. The HOWO(a person of extraordinary powers that we hope to get offline today fertile) can replace Si Taier stage by stage, become the new chief that China blocks again. ”10 month 28 days, cai Dong of general manager of group of Chinese heavy steam conveyed pair of a person of extraordinary powers to the outside fertile of serious check expect.

When Shaanxi heavy steam began to make brand of ” of “ De Long weigh calorie of market in order to seek in high end last year in September when the breakthrough, the ” of “ Si Taier king of Chinese heavy steam is when scene is infinite, nowadays, china weighs steam to also must face similar problem, besides Si Taier, what can we still rely on? This year in March, with the Chongqing that is Si Taier's brother heavy steam also stepped his this one pace. This, the card undertakes the Dakangpin that Chongqing heavy steam breeds pains again promotion, and complementary the name with ” of “ Xin Dakang. The watcher with 3 heavy final steam became successive former China to weigh steam group the former Jinan of most resource weighs steam. What what I hope is, jinan also eventually when a person of extraordinary powers of —— of the person that replace fertile.

A person of extraordinary powers fertile be about to seek hegemony home top class serious check

Heavy steam recombines more than 3 years to come, successive already development goes Si Taier flying dragon, Si Taier king, the series such as Yellow River prince gets stuck again, the market is had rate by 3 years before 4% rise quickly 13% current. Although already relied on model of a Si Taier only via realizing, will create breakneck situation, but model of up-to-date Si Taier still held heavy steam the scale of 80% above. The data that provides according to weighing steam shows, a person of extraordinary powers that got offline on October 28 fertile 7 series get stuck again is to face the new generation with the most advanced, highest grade home market at present top class and heavy-duty car. China weighs Cai Dong of steam group general manager to say, a person of extraordinary powers fertile the research and development of 7 series and get offline indicating the heavy-duty car of our country is truckload the technology begins advanced technique of as heavy-duty as international car to conform, and the outside more evaluations are a person of extraordinary powers fertile the dependence that the meaning depends on making heavy steam reduced pair of Si Taier models.

According to Introduction Cai Dong, width of space of fertile model interior amounts to a person of extraordinary powers 2.5 meters, be home most; Incorporate the technology of numerous and independent research and development that artificial intelligence changes a technology inside, all be domestic initiate; Security also achieves the Swedish code with the strictest whole world to ask, at the same time to get used to home's new axle load code, a person of extraordinary powers fertile use car bridge severed Si Taier system, axle load is 11.5 tons.
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