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Si Taier weighs steam to send Wo Chengxin looking at a person of extraordinary p
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Because much home weighed calorie of enterprise to be rolled out in succession since this year,taste newly, the competition of the market that weigh card also turns white-hot with each passing day. A person of extraordinary powers fertile whether can be wished like Cai Dong, become new generation to block cacique to still remain to observe again in the market, but disclose according to weighing steam company, because have the line of new general assembly that invests several yuan to had made manufacturing preparation, a person of extraordinary powers at the beginning of 2005 fertile series model will be OK large quantities of quantities put in the market, become Si Taier king replace a model, loot home share of the top class market that weigh card.

The stock plans “ST of next year pick off”

Be born out of weighs steam at the ST of ” of electric equipment of “ small duck is a milepost that capital intervenes the market after heavy steam recombines. According to introducing, because former ST small duck is successive 3 year loss, its A the stock appears on the market at having suspension on April 30 this year. Heavy steam is entered advocate hind, the infuse of high grade asset of Jinan truck company, this year 1 to lorry of sale of Jinan truck joint-stock company is close June 16 thousand, implementation sales revenue 2.9 billion yuan, profit exceeds 75 million yuan, half an year signs up for already gain. One hundred and twenty million five hundred and ninety thousand countries that run a company as place of group of small on October 15 duck already came via change the name of owner in a register under one's name of heavy steam group, on October 19, heavy steam company to handed in place greatly to hand over restore to appear on the market application.

On October 28, a person of extraordinary powers fertile the same day that get offline, ST heavy steam begins in Shenzhen bourse answer card trades, and because accompanying new model to get offline, financial company holds water wait for multinomial interest good news, ST weighed steam to close with harden newspaper that day.

Introduce according to weighing steam group, according to the outstanding achievement expression of before the company 3 quarters, overfulfil annual to sell 28 thousand trucks, achieve sales revenue 5.5 billion yuan, net profit 70 million yuan management target will be unchallenged. Such, after restoring to appear on the market before long, ST weighs steam general hopeful at next year the cap of ST of complete in April pick off, the “ that becomes real significance to go up is blue prepare a ” .

Establish financial company sweep the deck to weigh a lorry to borrow

For counterpoise steam group, what still the its —— with a great sense weighed company of steam finance affairs on October 28 is new open business. Although open business,the ceremony does not have a person of extraordinary powers fertile get offline grand, but many heavy steam personages think however of financial company opening business afresh just is group of 28 days of heavy steam most the brushstroke of dense.
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