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At the beginning of this year, namely media says in the report company of finance affairs of “ China heavy steam is about to revive, equestrian pure aid should connect arduous lorry to borrow ” . Face our newspaper reporter to interview, aid of Ma Chun of heavy steam president is done not have to this reply from the front, express however: This action recombines the job to delimit for transfer to a lower level of group of former China heavy steam a satisfactory full stop.

The company of finance affairs of Chinese heavy steam that established 1987 is company of finance affairs of group of the first industry of Chinese, establish initial stage ever in order to be less than 4 years accumulative total financing rents a sale 1.6 billion yuan, become the model for painting of company of each company finance affairs. And later period because short-term loan is many capital, borrow money in great quantities to enterprise interior, appeared serious financial risk, became the ” of anxiety of one big “ of heavy steam thereby. After transfer to a lower level of heavy 2001 steam manages to Shandong and recombining, the recombined plan to also get the State Council and Chinese people bank approval of company of finance affairs of former heavy steam. All previous classics negotiates difficultly 3 years, this year June, financial company comes to an agreement with 166 creditor eventually, recombine declare end.

According to introducing, the financial company after recombining is comprised by 42 partner, register capital 500 million yuan of RMBs (its China and foreign countries collects capital gold) of 5 million dollar, china weighs steam to hold 58.55% share, scope of business includes to begin China to weigh consumer credit of product of close an account of discount of steam trade bill, bank acceptance discount, internal capital, car, and open bear sell China heavy steam and child the enterprise bond of the enterprise, stock appears on the market wait for investment bank business and credit business. As to automobile consumer credit, heavy steam respect expresses, will cooperate with the bank, each are contributive 50% begin automobile consumer credit.

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