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130 thousand yuan of policy fell to controlling entrance car market inside a yea
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Inside year, value of alar tiger market falls from 420 thousand yuan to 288 thousand yuan

Car market enters second half of the year, the policy change that about the entrance car market may appear becomes people to forecast the key of market of next year car. Before importing a car to you still can resemble after all a few years in that way is ” of “ left and right sides worn homebred car market? Can next year of entrance car price fall greatly or appear rebound? Be aimed at these guessing, our newspaper interviewed and write a group of articles, try from which of car of entrance of dialytic next year go situation.

Entrance car business also is in wait-and-see

Begin first half of the year from this year, about entrance car next year the hearsay of new policy begins to be in agency get about. It is to import car quota licence to will cancel 2005 first, it is pay taxes of be born of second half of the year and entrance car are registered next make a likelihood carry out, it is entrance brand agency system next. Market of car of mouth of feed-in of pass on a message of the first policy brings what change directly is, entrance car price will go now to slip in the round 2005, pull from this move homebred car price to depreciate, this one change began to show June this year. But second half of the year begins, about the entrance the car is registered make and the hearsay of policy of be born pay taxes lets a few medium or small entrance car business feels the management risk 2005 is unfruitful beforehand increase, management entrance car must win brand representative, will be fallen into disuse to go out likely otherwise bureau.

Suffer above element effect, entrance car market appeared two kinds of judgement. A kind of judgement is to import car price to glide next year; Another kind of judgement is to import car price to may appear next year rebound. But no matter be which kinds of judgement, the price that imports a car still glides all the way in second half of the year. In policy not clear case falls, include agency inside to still be in wait-and-see condition to importing car market next year at present.

The near future imports the reason that the car depreciates

So what is depreciating reason? Be in Tianjin free tax zone, one does entrance car wholesale business the entrance car business of Wu hit the mark with a single comment, at present a few miniature entrance car business import car market as a result of what do not value next year, perhaps cannot continue to run entrance car after new policy is carried out, because this is eager to inventory of get off one's hands importing a car, this is brought about mutual between the circumstance of car of carry out of demand a low price. Of course, another reason is the end of the year will come, letter of credit of bank of merchant of some entrances car expires, be eager to reclaiming cash.

From the point of current condition, these cars are the model that nearly two years home compares sell like hot cakes, abundant cropland Camry, Buddhist nun is mulberry demeanour, for instance contemporary the model such as cruel clique. Business of a car says: “ is the closest period of time, this kind of case is clearer, almost weekly the price of these models produces change likely. ”
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