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130 thousand yuan of policy fell to controlling entrance car market inside a yea
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The “ that imports car business to these turns on the water ” , a few on the entrance car business of dimensions also had be toed hear pay no attention to, if cannot be sold very quickly,because of the entrance model this year carry out goes out, extremely likely below new tariff be brought very quickly by homebred entrance model very big risk. Additional, the new model of homebred car will mix next year probably to import model happening conflict partly. Because this is mutual,the demand a low price becomes normal state in market of car of entrance of the end of the year.

The strong position that day is a car is in abate

Car of entrance of past day department is occupied almost go the half of country of market of whole entrance car, its main entrance model is in 600 thousand yuan of less than, models of these sell like hot cakes have abundant cropland Camry, Feng Tian overbearing, 4700, the model such as demeanour of big Xiang Yu the Conqueror of V73, Feng Tian, Ni Sang, among them abundant cropland Camry is in home is all the time one grows fill an unabated to import a model. But since this year, as Feng Tian overbearing, imperial crown is mixed of the model such as Camry homebred reach be about to homebred, and 600 thousand yuan of less than are homebred the abundance of the model, greatly abate the market position that day is entrance car.

This year, car market compares apparent change is model of entrance of a few big quantities to swarm into, stride leopard of benefit of Bach, guest, nimble for instance, have not run quickly in what home produces S class, BMW A8 of 7 departments, Ao Di exceed luxurious car to reach a few individuation to import a model increasing ceaselessly. These and homebred car are nonexistent the entrance car model of any conflict will gradually dominant imports car market. And because the entrance model that a few prices are in 600 thousand yuan exists with homebred car conflict can exit the market finally.

Additional, of agreement of balance of Sino-US last year trade sign, will enter domestic get through for car of entrance of next year United States passageway of a green. Purchase in this government in, general Ford serves as forerunner already from this year the beginning of the year begins to prepare in every respect, this batch of United States cars that enter country through special passageway will with the amount big and have a relatively inferior price, reach the designated position next, join the war situation that imports a car next year.

Entrance car demand is being reduced ceaselessly

Manage according to Electromechanical of Department of Commerce offerred data makes clear, came this year in January our country entrance is of all kinds in September the car is truckload 136873 (contain) of whole set loose mail, compare only go up growth of year of the corresponding period 5 % . According to custom statistic, the car that before this year 3 quarters import is truckload, sedan occupies 64.8 % , import 88598, cross-country car takes 4 rounds of drive 19.5 % , import 26714, the others is a journey small passenger car, motor-driven is large and medium-sized car of passenger car, carring capacity and multipurpose vehicle.
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