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130 thousand yuan of policy fell to controlling entrance car market inside a yea
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Because our country fulfils relevant commitment seriously, reduce a car to import custom duty, enlarge car product to import dimensions, because this imports a car,be in growth posture all the time. Our country car is truckload 2003 the entrance achieves many 170 thousand, increased 100 thousand before 2001 than joining WTO, among them car entrance achieves 100 thousand first.

But, since 2003, domestic demand is in entrance car to drop gradually, its are main the reason is domestic car productivity increases, the price also is in drop ceaselessly, especially car of China and foreign countries is joint-stock production, fill the demand of car of a few entrances. As next year our country will cancel a car to import quota licence management, continue to reduce a car to import custom duty, because annual of this next year may be maintained present low an amplitude. (He Dengfeng)

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