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The private scale that buy a car promotes China quickly to exceed 50 % first
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The automobile industry that in occupying national information center, releases via the net forecasts a report, since 2002, china is private the share that buys a car to take whole car market promotes quickly, the private scale that buy a car exceeds 50 % first.

Forecast a report to point out, capacity of city getting a town and oil price rise the limitation that waits for an element, 2004 - increase rate was year of demand of Chinese car market 2010 10 - 15 % . Chinese car demand will be achieved 2010 880 - 12 million, the car retains the quantity will be amounted to 5000 - 55 million.

Because market demand drives the high speed growth that car line of business invests, the report points out, manufacturing industry of automobile of China of a paragraph of period will put predicting future in 5 - the output of 10 % is excess with 10 % - of 20 % produce can superfluous; Henceforth 3 - 5 years, chinese car especially the trend that the price of the car will appear to drop ceaselessly.

The industry forecasts a report to still point out, prospective China car is truckload the entrance will be main with fill home market vacant give priority to, component entrance is form a complete set of domestic car company more; The exit of Chinese car product will be in weak power position for a long time, the capital outside course of study invests car line of business or the company inside course of study expands a car to invest dimensions should ego of base oneself upon, make oneself brand.

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