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Beautiful October car not day of enemy day car produces this cropland to obtain
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The United States is general with Ford two big Motor Corporation announce 3 days, car sale dropped October 5 % , but day of Japanese car plant is produced and this cropland obtains two digit to grow.

General express, lunar van sale drops on 4. 6 % , car sale decreases 5. 5 % ; Ford car states the month on van sales volume rises 3 % , but the car glides however 22 % , this already was the 8th times the month sells Ford this year under last year. As a result of series new Che Gang begins to appear on the market, ford still is valued to foreground. In 3 cart factories of American what obtained sale growth exclusively in October is Kelaisile company, this company is successive report of the 6th month sells growth, the sale grew 2 % in October.

This cropland car report was sold in October on raise 10. 2 % , because Odyssey of two new cars confuses your compartment car and Acura RL,basically be luxurious car demand is driving, and be mixed market gay by this cropland oil gas the sales volume of motivation car Insight and Civic car more than last year the corresponding period grew 43 % ; Day produces a car sales volume also soared in October 27. 3 % , it is day produces throughout history of North America company the most outstanding October outstanding achievement.

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