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Ten million-scale mining market cake to be play against second-hand car market,
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"According to our research, the next 5 years, the capacity of used-car market in China will reach 10 million." September 8, FAW Toyota, used

car dealership business operations room in charge Sun a military store in Zhengzhou, FAW Toyota to do a used car

Market analysis said.

According to this research, FAW Toyota launched a large-scale second-hand car business development action in the peace of mind before the FAW

Toyota used car business, based on further introduction of "SMILE certified used car" business, and plans in full

State 430 used car dealers to gradually extend the business to form a network throughout the country.

Coincidentally, China's largest car company Shanghai Automotive (19.64, -0.20, -1.01%) also plotted the layout of the future prospects of the

used car market. September 15, Shanghai Automotive announced that its five of its car service company

Integration of resources to build the whole value chain of used car services to the whole platform, and in the next 5 years starting from

Shanghai, and gradually to Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chongqing, a second-tier market expansion.

September 15, Shanghai Automotive released second hand car in Shanghai, the brand, "Angie used car." According to the plan, by 2015, Yue

Exchange (Angelina's used car used car market) trading volume will reach 5.69

Million vehicles, 2.5 billion transactions.

Angelina is also planning out of second-hand car in Shanghai, into the national used-car market. The early planning stage, Angelina plans to

reach out second-hand cars in Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities as well as Xian, Wuhan, Chongqing and other major second and third tier



Shanghai Automotive foot used-car market as early as 1997. In 2007, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. second-hand vehicle business

billions of dollars in transaction volume for the first time. 2006, including Angelina used car auto service business accounted for,


Shanghai Automotive Group, 6.7% of total revenue that year. According to plan, auto service business by 2012 will account for Shanghai

Automotive Group, 10% of total revenue. In 2009, the Shanghai Automotive main income for the 404.9 billion yuan.

Toyota also believes that China's used car market is a worthwhile development, "the gold to." According to China from 2002 to 2009, sales of

new and used vehicles, and the price range of buyers with different identity, age and the usual redemption

Cycle, FAW Toyota carried out a detailed statistics and analysis, the conclusion is: the next 5 years China will appear the scale of second-

hand car trade growth, annual sales will reach 10 million, vehicles and operating the main source of structural change will occur.

In 2009, China's auto sales reached 13.6 million. If the average 5-year redemption period, the redemption rate of 40%, in 2014, flocked to

the car used-car market may reach 5.44 million.

In fact, China already has a large number of second-hand car market, "Rye", the identity of mostly smaller private used car broker. However,

the limited size of second-hand car market sales, and vehicle source information opaque, business

Were quite a mixed bag.

In Wuhan in the used car transactions a broker said, from other provinces to achieve a very low price for the taxi service life, after its

renovation is more than the used car broker selling the company's practices, but these vehicles

Most parts have reached the "fatigue limit", there is a big security risk, it is difficult to learn consumers.

"Restricting trade of used cars are 5 main issues: assessment, condition, lack of transparency of information; acquisitions, vehicle

replacement is not convenient; sales, buy used cars do not worry; auction, the cattle full of irregular

Fan; Rush, the transaction process is not guaranteed. "Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Corporation Vice President Yu Jingmin told


According to new car buyers are usually 3 to 7 years redemption period, the first time in 2003, China's automobile market growth spurt, the

used car business in 2010 as the beginning of the scale of growth.



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