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Second-hand car market in recent tepid
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Recently, the reporter learned from relevant departments, in July, Changchun City, second-hand car trading volume around Taiwan in 3300, and

June was essentially flat. Changchun City in July is the peak of new car sales, used car but did not show high

Sales, on the contrary seems indifferent to the car dealers are increasingly low income. Zhang told reporters used car brokers, used-car

market this year has not been very good, very plain, profits are too thin.

It is understood that, due in July, new car sales is good, out down the supply of used cars is also more abundant, but because of the

significant new car prices, used car prices are so difficult to raise. Under normal circumstances, the price of the vehicle off-season

Will be cheaper than the high season, it is recommended that consumers want to buy a used car shot at this time.

WASHINGTON (news brief of Shenyang mission) 1, "Prince Be Crazy" - Prince of the hippocampus [Review Photo Forum] stunt show national tour

Shenyang Station, South Square in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center opened. The event package Shenyang Railway Station

Prince of stunts, including the hippocampus, painting shows the Prince, Prince of interactive games, four-part test drive, which attracted

the participation of many of the media and consumers.

According to reports, special activities, performances of this model are not modified in the hippocampus Prince of goods vehicles with little

in its class equipped with four-cylinder engine, power output and smooth, powerful. The Prince has been carefully tuned hippocampus

The front and rear suspension and steering system, with a good handling and stability, ensuring the highest steady state speed driving. The

event, professional stunt drivers were "crazy" put on the fast snake cornering, 360 transfer the move

Head, 180-degree U-turn maneuvers such as in situ, so that the audience amazing, many in the audience said, "did not expect the level of the

hippocampus A00 Prince can make so many difficult moves, such as the theme said, Prince

Really crazy. "It is understood that this" Prince of Crazy "- Prince of the National Tour stunt show hippocampal activity in hippocampus of

Zhengzhou experience to allow more consumers to experience superior quality hippocampus Prince useful attempt. This

Before the stunt show national tour hippocampus Prince activities have been successfully held in Zhengzhou, Shenyang stations, also in Jinan,

Shenzhen and Chengdu cities in order to carry out, throughout the hippocampus of the prince who is looking for in the wild.

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