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" contract of Shanghai car business " come out buy a car no longer passive
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Morning paper dispatch recently, shanghai is versed in management board of commercial firm politics combines Shanghai car to sell the orgnaization such as guild collective formulate " demonstrative text of contract of Shanghai car business " , be in Shanghai since November 1 the promotion in distributors of many 1000 car, car business of Shen Cheng had truly normative law treaty wording first.

To consumer, this is a good news really, a lot of problem that solves hard before, include car price opaque open, quality causes controversy without safeguard, great hidden danger removes a car however, transfer without the door hopeful gets settlement. There was ” of legal “ crutch from now on in consumer hand, be being pulled by agency blindly no longer nose goes, come for years the situation of non-standard operation in car sale will receive a standard.

Of course, this contract also conduces to the legitimate rights and interests that protects agency, avoid needless risk, it may be said is double win.

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