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Car of Bank of China consumes loan provision
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Car consumption loan is to point to what legal person of individual or look forward to, career extends to be used at buying the RMB of homebred car to consume loan. Car of open of Bank of China consumes loan, it is bank of classics China people a when approval rolls out brand-new business.

Loan object

Individual: Have capacity of completely civil action; The profession that has stability and repay the ability of loan principal and interest, credit is good;
Can offer effective pawn or simple thing, or the individual that has capacity of enough generation countervail or unit make sponsor; Can pay buy car head period money.

Enterprise or business unit: Those who have corporate organization is paid the ability that still borrows money; Put in designation bank have not a period car section under quota; What usurer approbates assure etc.

Loan time limit

It is commonly come 3 years, the longest do not exceed 5 years.

Loan money is planted

Be confined to a RMB at present.

Loan amount

1, with impawn means or offer what assure jointly by bank, insurance company, head period pay 20% of not less than car sections, loan amount is highest 80% what must not exceed car section. 2, borrow money with what buying car or praedial mortgage application, head period pay not less than 30% , loan amount is highest 70% what do not exceed car section. 3, make sure with tripartite means borrows money, head period pay to be not gotten little at 40% , loan amount is highest 60% what do not exceed car section.

Loan interest rate

The interest rate of corresponding class loan that by Chinese people according to length of loan time limit the bank announces is carried out.

Loan application

Conduction loan needs offerred data:

- individual: Loan requisition; Effective identity document; Profession and income proof reach domestic situation; With the contract buying a car that specifies agency to sign or agreement; Assure requires proof file.

- legal person of look forward to, career: Card of code of charter of loan requisition, legal person, legal person, legal representative proves a file; Go up year of financial report, on watch of lunar balance sheet, increase and decrease and cash flow meter; With the contract buying a car that specifies agency to sign or agreement; Detailed list of pawn, simple thing and the proof that punish right person agrees with guaranty, impawn.

Loan repays

Repay by the month wait for frontal capital or wait for frontal principal and interest. Every months of reimbursement that borrower should provide at loan contract a few days ago, put actively on its deposit account sufficient the loan principal and interest that should return every months, buckle directly by the bank receive its every months to still shift principal and interest. Classics usurer agrees to allow borrower part or shift to an earlier date entirely reimbursement.
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