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Face 5% default rate masses finance to borrow a road to go up in the car slowly
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“ risk controls the core competition ability that is us. ”10 is in 21 days month masses finance (China) on the press conference of company official start business, finance of director of its China company, masses (China) Xia Furui of company general manager emphasized this designedly. According to masses finance estimation, car loan of China is defaulted rate it is about 5% , it is 10 times of European market.

In fact, at the beginning of beginning to prepare from car banking firm, the venture that how controls car individual credit is the problem that people pays close attention to from beginning to end.

People is already common to such report: Somebody buys a car with bogus identity file loan, next decamp, and the car that they buy became a case without any clues. Be in China, because the credit grade system of private client is still diseased, credit card business still is in inchoate phase. Because each domestic commercial bank is uncontrollable the risk of automobile consumer credit, from this year metaphase begins credit of compact car individual. And actually, the settlement that masses car finance also does not have what effective on this a Gordian knot at present method.

Besides the risk control problem of loan, the car finance that people corporation expects originally drives action to also was not shown to what the car consumes.

It is reported, be in Beijing, the masses has agency many 60 (include Ao Di brand) , 9 agency that are given by the choice basically are the masses best agency is sold in Beijing, but these agency are in of a many month in trying operation trade process, masses car finance signed agreement of 100 many loan only. Additional as we have learned, its are in Beijing the data of a best agency is: Through car finance the scale of car of loan carry out has 1/20 left and right sides only. Change character, the state of affairs that achieves car sale smoothly through car finance loan is quite little still, masses car finance tries what since doing business, did not rise to anticipate to be able to save car city low confused action.

In addition, at present of masses car finance run, still be faced with bottleneck: Comparing the circumstance that does not have measure of better control risk likewise to fall with photograph of domestic commercial bank, orgnaization of finance of foreign capital car because policy consideration, its capital cost wants prep above commercial bank.

Market point of view thinks, masses finance at present still is in position level, did not enter help the segment that uses car market sale essentially, and its aftereffect will have henceforth how old still be sealed.

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