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Draft of car trade policy publishs domestic car market to face shuffle greatly
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Recently, national Department of Commerce was announced external " car trade policy (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " . The personage inside course of study thinks, join the pass with necessary WTO as our country, of policy come on stage mean industry of our country automobile to trade to be opened in the round to foreign capital to old car from fittings, produce and sale, domestic car city is about to be faced with all-around shuffle greatly.

Research systems of one of price of foreign capital development two handcart business is faced with shuffle adversity

Announced on website of national Department of Commerce " car trade policy? Ask for opinion draft? " . This opinion draft sets the 5th times: “ is raise level of whole of commerce of our country car, the country is encouraged have stronger economic actual strength, advanced commercial management experience and sale technology, and domain of commerce of car of investment of the investor outside the condition of perfect international sale network. The ” explanation according to Department of Commerce, car commerce includes new car sale, two handcart a replacement of current, car current, car discards as useless with discard as useless the car reclaims, the respect such as car foreign trade. This is meant our country will allow foreign capital to enter two handcart markets of domestic henceforth.

Fight risk ability to need two handcart business get into trouble

Like be the same as new car market, the two handcart market this year also was immersed in “ sloughy ” . Market of car of the couplet in occupying engineers department manager Yang Yang to say, the profit that makes two handcart before two years is highest can amount to 100 % , but be less than 8 % commonly now, more companies of many two handcart broker are immersed in the deficit, condition that close down this year. He expresses, the profit margin of two handcarts of foreign is superintended commonly by guild, its profit margin won't exceed 10 % , but at present home still does not have those who form industry character to superintend to this.

According to the analysis, cause secondhand this year the reason of car market loss, it is new car depreciates ceaselessly the old car that causes two handcart operator to buy depreciates subsequently, profit is reduced; 2 it is component rises in price. The ability after two handcart operator wants an old Che Weixiu that buys commonly sells piece, and the price of component did not resemble new car price dropping considerably in that way this year, even partial component price rises somewhat, make its cost raises thereby. Additional, consumer holds money to wait for this year buy bring about slow down of the speed that buy a car, the heat that two handcart consume also drops subsequently. Because at present our country first time buys the consumer of the car to the user of 70 % or meeting buy new car, buy what the car buys two handcart to be occupied only for the first time 1/3. And abroad is annual and secondhand of the car trade the 2 ~ that the quantity is new car 3 times. This year as new car price fall suddenly, a few consumer begin to turn to new car and cancel to buy the plan of two handcart formerly.
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