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Draft of car trade policy publishs domestic car market to face shuffle greatly
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Because two handcart manage a company to be done not quite well on risk avoid, operation crosses breed of small, brand onefold bring about business ability weaker, thereby deficit risk is increased. A few “ operate the company of two handcart broker of undeserved ” to begin deficit to close down even. It is reported, the yearly check inside a batch of when Beijing is versed in management board of commercial firm politics was announced October this year time limit that set because of not was in and in the enterprise of charter be businessed by revoke, have many it is company of two handcart broker, and having a lot of again among them is “ no less than dry going to, personnel removed the company of two handcart broker of ” .

At the outset urgent rabid the car manufacturer that enters two handcart market, also be in a dilemma now. Former be enlightened begins the car manufacturer that two handcart business beats a competitor and gains profit from which too, discover however looking be like simple China ambuscade in two handcart market heavily, go out to make the old car that stops successful sell finally, they still must appeal finally Yu Yuan is secondhand the car trades the market, or the sale information of competitor of have the aid of, whether gain or more or less does gain also have themselves to know only. “ because car manufacturer just sortie this domain, a lot of things still do not understand, be being done is not very good, the car resell that closes this year is basic be out of pocket. ”A personage inside course of study tells a reporter so.

Build infuse of price system foreign capital to shuffle in the round

In the light of home two handcart market puts the risk that be in, foreign capital can have more mature avoid measure, the management actual strength of foreign capital and scale are larger, can avoid to trade thereby too onefold, dimensions crosses breed the risk of young generation. Xin Huaxin market studies Lin Lei of president of advisory limited company expresses, although at present sincere letter mechanism has not build two handcart market of home, brand sale makes the car still was not perfected, and the price system that lacks a standard, but after the market is unlocked, still meet what draw foreign capital immediately chase after hold in both hands. Because Chinese car retains,the quantity has reached certain level, of two handcart trade the volume also rises in year after year; Additional, car market of China has been fixed eyes on by global place, so they enter Chinese market to do not have new move, policy obstacle also was done not have now, be being entered immediately is automatical thing.

At present the price of our country evaluates a system diseased still, the meeting after foreign capital came brings more advanced assessment method and evaluate a method, this will be a when two handcart trade gigantic revolution. Two handcart operator of China did not build his price level system all the time, although build hind also popularize without ability. System of two handcart price has built a lot of years, they need to cite it only come over to go, need not do a lot of fumble. Because they have very abundant fund, so very strong promotion capability spreads his standard. After accordingly foreign capital comes in, adopt price level system it is OK to build of rake in consumer approbate, this is at present domestic enterprise returns impracticable. So the expert expresses, foreign capital enters two handcart markets of Chinese, who can take the lead in spreading the standard of a two handcart in China, who can become to win the home greatly.
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