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Draft of car trade policy publishs domestic car market to face shuffle greatly
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Enter two handcart market in the light of foreign capital, chief analyst Gu Xinguang points out institute of Beijing auto industry, of two handcart city unlock, will make foreign capital acquires more interests in China at the same time, bring about two handcart business of existing a few home to go out bureau. An old motor vehicle trades the personage of the market discloses to the reporter, at present what the old car that many broker companies come to closing undertakes is improve, maintenance is in order to cover a person, can gain money goes, not be particular about sincere letter. They change those only to the maintenance of two handcart fragile, and it is it is the cheapest to buy, among them fake occupied a lot of. And the mechanism that also did not supervise at present, trade the attributive of the market short of this one pace. Accordingly, after “ foreign capital comes in, do not shuffle blamed. ”

Lin Lei thinks, foreign capital enters percussive of two handcart market to basically be opposite the broker company that seems home to be engaged in two handcart trading at present, but the car manufacturer that won't intervene two handcart trade together produces very big competition. Because regard as truckload the two handcart brand that roll out its core is the car that sells his, its are only right the user that those new to its cars are interested in produces consequence, its target promotes his new car to sell namely, so the competition of both is to be on two direction.

The reporter notices, the opinion is sought in what announce this in draft, coming in without tangible foreign capital is OK solely invested or must joint-stock. So Yang Yang thinks: This policy operates “ the gender is not strong, direct from policy to two handcart market go up and do not have the requirement with specific what, how the company does policy to do not have detailed regulation, run it is a bit difficult to rise. ”Does he express? Although foreign capital is in abroad to have very the thing of figuration, but copy copy word for word completely, home also won't can be accepted at a draught. “ estimation can be joint-stock only, solely invested still won't do temporarily. ”

The steam that make an on-the-spot investigation matchs current and comprehensive unlock international manufacturer perturbed to face

Department of Commerce comes on stage recently " car trade policy (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " ,
In “ car a replacement make clear in current ” put forward: The country encourages car a replacement current the kind that takes concessionary, chain to manage is changed to dimensions, the brand is changed, network way develops, supportive industry undertakes conformity, implementation structure upgrades, raise scope effect and service level. This one policy that the country sheds current job in car a replacement means market of car a replacement already outward endowment open wide a gate, however, when domestic steam matchs course of study to be faced with bigger struggle for existence, foreign steam matchs trade as much the heart puts uneasiness, in imagining like us be eager to killing this one domain in that way.
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