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Draft of car trade policy publishs domestic car market to face shuffle greatly
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Lack care of can of foreground of component business of competition ability home

The personage inside course of study thinks, the country shed this one policy of current job to protect the interest of consumer in car a replacement, at the same time long-term to industry of car a replacement development also has profit very much. But the personage inside partial course of study lives to domestic component enterprise of foreground be anxious to also arise subsequently.

Well-known, want to serve for 3 big markets in the component proprietor of an enterprise of Chinese churchyard: Give priority to the OEM market of engine plant form a complete set, this to component enterprise character is the mainest market. But as a result of domestic leader plant with joint-stock give priority to, and of joint-stock leader plant purchase right main by foreign control, purchase a respect in component so, outside going up not to accord with a requirement with the standard in quality besides domestic component enterprise, foreign and general apt uses foreign capital the product of company of joint-stock perhaps component. The 2nd is component export market, because Chinese labor cost is low, what foreign leader plant undertakes in China component is purchased is increasing, but this one market still is breeding a process in, market scope is still little. The market with main another is after service market, all the time since main by inside endowment spare parts enterprise is dominating this business. Zhejiang luck installs city steam rub standing vice-chairman Zhang Jinmu expresses fittings guild, luck installs steam to match an enterprise to hold the 60 % above of its business gross in the portfolio on fittings market, the almost whole business of major company is to be fittings market to offer money, enterprise scope is less. And the steam that luck installs matchs a trade is a reduction that Chinese steam matchs a trade.

Market of after service of domestic car a replacement basically has steam to match brand shop of city agency, brand, concessionary chain to manage a few kinds of forms such as inn and roadside booth, and with steam agency matching a city and roadside booth are holding dominant position. Because management is non-standard, at present market of our country fittings is existing to come loose, the situation such as random, difference, the quality problem that causes market of car a replacement is more serious. The spare parts of commonly used car that supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology just announces selectives examination to show percent of pass of product quality sampling inspection is 64.1 % only as a result.

Below a kind of such situations, the personage inside a few course of study has reason to worry, after national protectionism is unlocked completely, what the car component enterprise with domestic insufficient actual strength will be faced with world of Deerfu, rich to wait for company of the component that cross a state directly is all-around compete, unavoidable make a person anxious to the place of these enterprises.
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