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Draft of car trade policy publishs domestic car market to face shuffle greatly
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Component business of existence otherness abroad is cautious

After to be opposite inside course of study this one policy comes on stage internally endowment component enterprise is adverse the concern of the influence, shanghai steam matchs Guan Xudong of current guild deputy secretary-general to have a view another time. He thinks, policy matchs the market to wait for those who serve a field to unlock in steam is hasten of general trends place, but we also need not be anxious too much for this, what had run inside at present is as current as fittings the foreign capital car that has particular concern repairs a service quickly to interlink inn to be done not successfully. And the vast difference as a result of production and service territory, encroach on of company of production of foreign capital spare parts is current the case of the domain won't appear very quickly.

Confirm of Jiang Jian of vise general manager of limited company of investment of China of heart Er blessing Guan Xudong's view. Jiang Jian expresses, channel runs the place that is not Deerfu's advantage, essence of “ course of study at only, our good qualities still is producing research and development to go up after all. Difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, every industry has respective rule and characteristic, the current channel such as concessionary chain store needs to invest enormous capital, the risk is very high. We won't consider to enter this group line of business. The portfolio of on market of after service of whole world of ” De Erfu 5 billion dollar, the SPO(Supplemental Production Order) of channel operation branch that basically falls by American current standard purchases relevant product to Deerfu, next the AC heart division of the administer below repass is repaired quickly maintain the center will stick the sale of De Erfu product that has “SPO” sign to go out. “ offers money at this o'clock to OEM manufacturer with us actually is same argument, it is the approach that the product uses differs only just, one is used at OEM market, on a market after be being used in carry out. ”

Jiang Jian thinks, fittings chain manages the car to hold dominant position all the time in abroad, foreign capital is in this field experience is very rich. But because serving a domain to get culture difference factor,the influence compares the other sphere such as production to want many big, car a replacement is so current the market after waiting for carry out is not compared certainly to foreign capital inside endowment existence more advantage.

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