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Restful insurance supports a person to protect avoiding compensate to weigh abso
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Restful insurance supports a person to protect avoid compensate

“500 yuan disturbance of the ” that avoid compensate that day, the person protects branch of money danger Beijing to sign odd number to be reached only at ordinary times 85%

One stone arouses the “ of danger of new car caustic that Inc. of insurance of Chinese people property begins to carry out at this week 1000 billow ” . On November 3, the statement that rise in price was denied when company high level and netizen are communicated, the client that represents 2/3 above won't suffer an effect. With day, ——— of another big company makes the same score car danger market security risk company, the practice that defends to the person expresses to support, calling absolutely franchise the clause is international convention, those who aim to realize client and insurance company is double win, expedience of oneself of company of seek of and rather than.

And the personage inside course of study expresses, the person protects money danger to because,be met this “500 yuan prediction of a person's luck in a given year of disturbance of the ” that avoid compensate one part client. The person protects the data that branch of money danger Beijing provides to show, signing odd number that day on November 1 is 1859 pieces, occupy only at ordinary times 85% the left and right sides.

The person protects money danger to carry out vice-president Gu Haimao to express, accident loss amount holds accident sum total below in 500 yuan 20% to 30% , the amount is not large, the client that mere 1/3 controls may have bit of effect, do not have to the client of 2/3 above how old influence.

Gu Haimao still denied the statement that car danger rises in price, he says, this new car danger is to rise in price to still depreciate after all, very difficult accurate limit: “ whole, I feel not to look to go out went up, but some a few clients are to go up, especially the model is more bizarre, accident rate is higher, the violate the rules and regulations when driving is more, certain expenses rate should go up. ”

He still expresses, the person is protected also is not the first insurance company of domestic that rolls out franchise, when car danger undertook commercializing reform on January 1 last year, company of risk of a few money set franchise inside the clause. “ probably share of our company market is occupied more greatly, after be being pushed so resonant a little a bit more apparent. He says ” . Eye forefathers protects money danger to be in about in the portion of car danger market 70% .

Have a car advocate avoid compensate to raise such doubt to 500 yuan: If gave minor accident to be less than 500 yuan not compensate, still bump as firm, were more than 500 yuan of insurance company compensated for? Gu Haimao states this kind of understanding has by accident. He says, 500 yuan are absolutely franchise, each thing onetime capital wants 500 yuan to avoid compensate, the client carries be less than 500 yuan oneself, more than 500 yuan client also should carry 500 yuan oneself, just assume by insurance company partly more than.
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